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Enamelled Deep Frying Pans with Handles


This high quality Enamelled Deep Frying Pan with Handles is available in two sizes: 22cm and 28cm diameter.

Perfect for cooking a variety of dishes, the heavy-duty construction ensures an even heat distribution and the enamelled surface makes for easy cleaning. An optional stainless steel paella skimmer is also available for an extra touch of elegance and convenience.

This frying pan is perfect for making delicious dishes while maintaining the health benefits of low-fat cooking.

Made in Spain, this deep frying pan is sure to upgrade your cooking!

– Enamelled surface
– Available in two sizes: 22cm and 28cm diameter
– Optional stainless steel paella skimmer (9.5cm width x 30cm length)
– Easy to clean
– Made in Spain

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Enamelled Deep Frying Pans with Handles

This heavy-duty deep enamelled frying pan with handles is the perfect cooking tool for every kitchen.

Available in two sizes, 22cm and 28cm diameter, it is ideal for deep-frying and sautéing a variety of dishes with ease. Its deep sides allow for greater control when making delicate dishes, and the enamelled surface is non-stick, ensuring that food can be cooked quickly and easily with minimal oil or fat.

The ergonomic handles provide a secure and comfortable grip, allowing for easy lifting and manoeuvring.

The ceramic enamel is resistant to scratches and is easy to clean. An optional stainless steel paella skimmer is also available, measuring 9.5cm width x 30cm length, making it ideal for scooping, draining and straining.
Its superior cooking performance and durability make it a must-have for any kitchen.



A cooking range for those who seek to bring the authentic flavours of paella to their kitchens. Our selection of paella pans, frying pans and accessories will have all your bases covered when it comes to preparing Spanish dishes. Whether you are a professional chef or a paella enthusiast, our range of sizes and materials, including enamelled steel, will ensure you achieve the perfect paella every time. For those more adventurous cooks who want to take their paella out of the kitchen, we also supply portable gas burners so that you can bring your kitchen creations outdoors for alfresco dining or your next caravan or camping adventure. Treat yourself to a Verano Ceramics set today and enjoy authentic Spanish cuisine with friends and family!
Steel Paella Pan and Skimmer


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