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Teardrop Hanging Pots (Half Dipped)


Introduce a splash of Spanish Sunshine into your outdoor space with these Teardrop hanging plant pots from the Selena Spanish Ceramics Collection.

Expertly crafted in Spain, these handmade pots are dipped in a vibrant ceramic glaze that radiates beauty and charm.

Available in four striking colours – Blue, Green, Red, and Mustard, these pots can transform any space into a vibrant oasis.

Choose between Small or Large sizes, or get a mixed set of 2 or 4 colours to create a dynamic display.

With their unique teardrop design, these pots are sure to catch eyes and start conversations.

Bring the Spanish sunshine home, and let your outdoor space glow with life.

– Handmade in Spain from the Selena Spanish Ceramics Collection
– Half dipped in bright, vibrant ceramic glaze
– Available in 4 stunning colours: Blue, Green, Red, Mustard
– Teardrop design that adds a unique touch to any space
– Available in two sizes: Small (18cm H, 19cm W, 26cm L) and Large (22cm H, 22cm W, 30cm L)
– Can be purchased in sets of 2 or as a mixed set of all 4 colours
– Perfect for brightening up your outdoor space and welcoming the Spanish Sunshine.

Frost and extreme winter temperatures here in the UK can have an adverse effect on the clay. The pots MUST be taken inside to protect from these elements in the winter months.

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Selena Teardrop Hanging Pots come half dipped in 4 brightly coloured glazes

Add a splash of vibrant Spanish sunshine to your outdoor space with our Selena Teardrop Hanging Pots. Expertly crafted from the Selena Spanish Ceramics Collection, these striking pots are a testament to traditional handmade Spanish artistry. Each pot is half dipped in a vivid ceramic glaze, creating a unique two-tone effect that is as stylish as it is eye-catching.

Choose from four rich and radiant colours – Blue, Green, Red, and Mustard – that pay homage to the breathtaking hues of Spanish landscapes. Whether you want to create a uniform look or mix and match for a more eclectic feel, these pots will transform your outdoor area into a lively oasis.

Available in two practical sizes, Small (18cm H, 19cm W, 26cm L) and Large (22cm H, 22cm W, 30cm L), these pots are perfect for a variety of plants. Purchase them in sets of 2 of the same colour, or opt for a mixed set of 4 to showcase all the stunning shades available.

These pots are frost-resistant, making them a durable addition to your outdoor decor. However, we recommend bringing them indoors or covering them during the winter months to ensure their longevity.

Elevate your outdoor space with the Selena Teardrop Hanging Pots and experience a taste of the Spanish sunshine, right at your doorstep.


Selena Outdoor

Two of the most respected family businesses in Southern Spain have been designing and making pots for generations, working with raw materials, treating and preparing the clay themselves, they have also improved the clay chemically with techniques previous generations were unfamiliar with. Whilst this has made their pots better suited for outdoor use in lower temperatures and more resistant to the elements,  Frost and extreme winter temperatures here in the UK can have an adverse effect on the clay.   We therefore highly recommend that you protect the pots from these elements in the winter months. Each Selena pot is hand dipped in vibrant jewelled glazes, making each piece unique by design. Available in upto 4 different coloured glazes
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