The time has come to plan your wedding and start drafting your dream gift list. Although it might seem a bit cheeky to create a full list of presents, your guests will buy them anyway, so it makes sense to get things you actually want.

Kitchen wedding gifts are some of the most popular, which is a lot more exciting than it sounds, we promise.

Before you start debating what pan set to choose or what blender will fit in your cupboards, take a look at this list of gift-worthy kitchen items.


1. Dinner Party Boards


Now is the time you can finally ditch that mismatched crockery you’ve been clinging onto since uni.

Embrace the moment and choose kitchen wedding gifts worth showing off! Having fancy crockery will make you look like an organised adult even if in reality that’s not the case.

Once you’re married, you will likely stop hosting house parties and start hosting dinner parties, so you should be prepared with some show-stopping kitchenware to get the party in full flow.

Olive Wood Boards kitchen wedding gifts


Take a look at this olive wood appetiser board which has handy sections to separate your olives, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella, or your bread and oils to be dipped by your guests.

Create the ultimate chips and dips with this board or splash homemade dressing on your starters with these classic Spanish oil drizzlers.  Discover more of our popular Olive Wood Boards.

It’s time to embrace your newfound adulthood and stop serving everything on chipped white IKEA plates!  

Read more in our Chopping Boards article.


2. Roberts Radio


Just because it’s in the kitchen doesn’t mean you have to use it to cook. A retro style Roberts radio is the perfect cooking companion.

Kitchen wedding gifts roberts radio


It might not be voice activated and can’t read you the weather when you shout its name. But it’s a stylish kitchen talking point and doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker.

This one comes in 8 different colours so you are sure to find one that matches your kitchen aesthetic.


3. Magimix Vision Toaster


Who’d have thought it? A clear toaster! If you are guilty of burning or undercooking your toast then worry no more, now you can see what’s going on inside while it does its thing. As far as kitchen wedding gifts go we think this is the best thing since sliced bread – wahey! 

wedding kitchen gifts



No more standing on a chair with a tea towel in hand wafting smoke away from the alarm. This toaster might not give you marital bliss, but it will make that apology breakfast in bed a little easier to get right.  


3. Baking Materials


If you have always fancied yourself as a star baker but haven’t ever had the right equipment for the job, now’s the time to get it.

Asking your guests to splurge upwards of £600 on a KitchenAid might be a little steep but there are some other items out there that will be sure to transform you into a baking goddess.


kitchen wedding gifts


Take a look at this new pastel Le Creuset range or some baking gadgets that won’t break your guests’ bank, like these cake tins and this masterclass baking set.

Obviously, this passion is a little more niche so if you enjoy cooking but prefer savoury to sweet you could ask for a quirky cookbook stand or take a look at this list from the independent and pick a selection of books from your favourite chefs.  


4. Tea Set


While this may not be top of your list for day-to-day use, a tea set is a charming addition to your home and makes popping round for a cuppa extra special. 


kitchen wedding gifts


Think of how pleased your mum and gran will be when you get out a matching tea set and some home-baked goodies (see the previous gift). Take a look at this Castilian Poppies Set to bring summer into your kitchen and brighten a dreary day!


5. Neon Light


A neon light is a quirky way to add some life to a blank space in your house. Whether you and your new bae are moving into a place together or have already been living together for a while, there’s always space for a little home do up.

kitchen wedding gifts


These lights can be customised to have your first dance song lyrics or a quote that means a lot to you. If you don’t fancy that there are plenty of premade ones with words that will remind you of home.

It’s a little more inventive than a standard picture and is sure to light up your newly married life (get it?).


6. Coffee Machine


Okay so before you gasp “how rich do you think my guests are” we don’t mean an industrial scale machine you need a mortgage to purchase. It can be anything from a fancy cafetiere to a standard pop-a-pod in and go like this Magimix one.


wedding kitchen gifts

Think about this coupled with the see-through toaster, you’ll never be out of the good books at breakfast time and they are the kitchen wedding gifts that keep on giving.


7. Fondue Set


Whether it’s cheese or chocolate that takes your fancy, a fondue set makes the perfect dinner party show-stopper. This copper set filled with chocolate would be a stunning addition to the after-dinner drinks or replace the idea of dinner with a cheese fondue and a hearty loaf of homemade bread.


kitchen wedding gifts


If you’ve got a lot of guests try opting for this 6.5L fondue set as an easy way to avoid slaving away in the kitchen but still impress your guests. Of course, these gifts are for you to enjoy, but everyone likes showing off once in a while right?


8. Table Grill


You’ll no longer fear when Amanda from accounts and her boring husband Dave invite themselves over for dinner. The table grill is a fail-safe way of having a party talking point or a fun date night experience without the effort of cooking for hours. The easiest way to cook dinner is to get the guests to do it themselves — and make it fun of course.


kitchen wedding gifts


This Andrew James grill plate has numerous temperature controls and can cook everything from a full English breakfast to a steak dinner.


9. BBQ


Okay so this isn’t technically in the  kitchen wedding gifts category but it’s to do with cooking so we can let it slide. If you’re a bbq fanatic you may already own one of these in which case get stocked up on some fancy accessories instead, like this personalised tool set or a hot smoked seasoning starter kit.


kitchen wedding gifts


If you are a BBQ newbie or want a way to celebrate summer in your new marital home, take a look at affordable starter ones like this charcoal oil drum BBQ which is sure to impress your new neighbours.

Remember the gifts should be things you will treasure for a long time and something that will create lasting memories for both of you! What better way to do that than fighting over who was supposed to be watching the sausages before they set the garden alight?


10. Pasta Machine


As this Telegraph article puts it, bragging rights for cooking dinner are no more deserved than when you have rolled the dough out yourself. If you consider yourself a culinary connoisseur, making your own pasta is the ultimate test and will be a fun activity to do as a couple.

kitchen wedding gifts



Luckily the machines come very reasonably priced for example this Imperia Pasta Machine which is well recommended by pasta lovers, and will even look great gathering dust on your kitchen top if you forget to use it!

Don’t fret if you still can’t figure out what you want, take a look at some of these gifts and get inspired by their suggested accompanying items. Pinterest is a great place to look for gift ideas too, why not check ours out and pin your favourite ranges! Also make sure to check out our collections for more great gifts ideas