6 Dinner Party Entertainment Ideas

Dinner parties aren’t just about the food. It’s a vital part, but you need to have a backup plan should your chosen dishes fail to impress your guests. If you overcook the chicken or under season the pate, ensure your guests forget about the food by bringing in some quality entertainment. We’ve gathered a list […]

How To Host A Dinner Party: The Beginners Guide

So you’ve invited some friends/colleagues/relatives/strangers off the street over for dinner. It started with a passing comment you thought they would forget about, but somehow it’s manifested into an actual dinner party that you have to host. How did that happen? Either way, you need to get your game face on and get prepping. Whether […]

10 Kitchen Wedding Gifts Nobody Else Will Think Of

The time has come to plan your wedding and start drafting your dream gift list. Although it might seem a bit cheeky to create a full list of presents, your guests will buy them anyway, so it makes sense to get things you actually want. Kitchen wedding gifts are some of the most popular, which […]

10 Unique Wedding Present Ideas For A Bride

Planning your dream wedding is a magical yet time-consuming, expensive process. If nothing else, it makes sense to get your gift list right, so you don’t return from your honeymoon to a pile of unwanted photo frames and veg spiralizers. There are different customs in different cultures, but in the UK, the idea is that […]

How to Buy A Gift: The Beginner’s Guide

For some people, the art of gift giving comes naturally. They’re the lucky ones among us who know instantly what to buy as soon as an occasion comes around — but it’s not that way for everyone. For those of you that don’t have the gift of gift giving, it can give you a headache […]

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