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4-Part Snack Dish


Selena 4-Part Snack Dish, a vibrant addition to our popular Spanish Ceramic Tableware collection.

Crafted with a flair for Spanish artistry, each dish is an explosion of colour, available in red, blue, green, lime green, orange, and yellow.

With a diameter of 25cm and a height of 5cm, the dish is perfect for hosting dinner parties or entertaining guests. The dish boasts four separate sections, keeping your variety of snacks and nibbles neatly separated.

This dish is also dishwasher safe, ensuring clean-up is a breeze. The Selena 4-Part Snack Dish will surely bring a pop of colour and a touch of Spanish sophistication to any gathering.

– Part of the Selena Collection
– Brightly coloured Spanish Ceramic Tableware
– Available in 6 vibrant colours: red, blue, green, lime green, orange, yellow
– 25cm diameter, 5cm height
– 4 separate sections for snack separation
– Perfect for entertaining and dinner parties
– Dishwasher safe.

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Selena 4-Part Snack Dish – a vibrant addition to your dining experience that truly embodies the vibrant spirit of Spanish culture. Crafted from high-quality ceramic, this dish is a beautifully designed piece from our exclusive Selena collection.

This 4-part snack dish is perfect for all your entertaining needs, be it dinner parties, tapas nights or casual get-togethers. With a vivid palette of red, blue, green, lime green, orange, and yellow, this dish adds a splash of colour to any table setting, reflecting the warm and lively hues of Spanish aesthetics.

Each dish measures 25cm in diameter and 5cm in height, offering generous space for a variety of snacks and nibbles. The 4 separate sections ensure that your treats remain separate, preserving their individual flavours and textures.

Not just eye-catching, the Selena 4-Part Snack Dish is also extremely practical. It is dishwasher safe, ensuring that clean-up is stress-free and convenient.

Bring home this delightful piece of Spanish ceramic tableware and enjoy a truly global dining experience.

– Part of the exclusive Selena Collection
– Crafted from high-quality Spanish Ceramic
– Available in 6 vibrant colours: red, blue, green, lime green, orange, and yellow
– Perfect for entertaining and dinner parties
– Features 4 separate sections for snacks and nibbles
– Each dish measures 25cm diameter and 5cm height
– Dishwasher safe for easy clean-up
– Designed to keep different snack items separate
– Adds a vibrant touch to any table setting
– Practical and stylish design inspired by Spanish aesthetics.


Verano - Selena

Verano - Selena. Produced in the Andalucia region of southern Spain, within the heart of a small family business. These luxurious hand-dipped, fully glazed ceramics create a warmth of heritage colours. Each piece of Selena is hand-dipped in a vibrant jewelled glaze, making each piece unique by design. Use for an exquisite dining experience or beautiful gifting. 6 colours available in each piece. Microwave and dishwasher safe.
Selena Ceramic Tableware