Planning your dream wedding is a magical yet time-consuming, expensive process. If nothing else, it makes sense to get your gift list right, so you don’t return from your honeymoon to a pile of unwanted photo frames and veg spiralizers.

There are different customs in different cultures, but in the UK, the idea is that you compose a list (there’s a great blog of list creation tools here) and send it to your guests, so they know what sort of thing you’re after. Some couples might even ask for money for the honeymoon or towards decorating their first home.


Finding a full list of items you want people to buy you might not be the most straightforward task, so we have devised some ideas to help you along the way. Think outside the box! It’s good to have a mixture of practical and meaningful, as choosing too many decorative items might leave you with a lot of memories but not many useful things.


Let’s take a look at some unique wedding present ideas and quirky suggestions you can add to your list.




Everyone loves handcrafted gifts. The unique designs make a change from the generic John Lewis pots and plates you might otherwise receive.


Unique wedding present ideas


If you’re moving into a new house, you’ll want to get decorating and invite your friends over for dinner parties and games nights. Bespoke hand made items like this olive wood appetiser bowl and these classic spanish tapas bowls will be perfect for entertaining, as well as being hard-wearing and durable so you won’t need to replace them.




This is a perfect way of remembering a special date or occasion and is a personal gift. Think about what date you might want to remember most, the day you first met or the date of your wedding.


Unique wedding present ideas

unique wedding present ideas


The idea is that companies like Posterhaste create a map of the night sky on the night of that date and then frame it for you to keep forever. This won’t break the bank, and it’s a pretty neutral image that’s guaranteed to match most decor. This unique wedding present idea is romantic without being too cringe and will be an excellent talking point for visitors.




Another way of remembering your big day is through a musical reminder. If your first dance song is one that’s really special to you then Not On The High Street can frame your favourite part of the lyrics or the soundwaves of the song.



unique wedding present ideas


If another framed present doesn’t tickle your fancy what about tickets to see the artist or a voucher for Ticketmaster. It gives you something to look forward to after the thrill of your wedding day is over.


It’s not always easy for guests to pick the best venue for you to get to and a date you will be free, so the voucher idea solves the problem. Plus it means you can go whenever is best for you.




In the hustle and bustle of newlywed life, you’ll be spending lots of time together. But as you settle into your new routines, you might find excuses keep cropping up to rearrange a date night.


unique wedding present ideas


An experience day is a perfect chance to have a set date in the diary for some ‘us time’ and it will let you build memories together you can treasure in the future. Take a look at Virgin Experience Days for things like a hot air balloon ride or a skydive. Try to request something you’ll both enjoy, just because your husband isn’t writing the list doesn’t mean he can’t have a say.




This is the gift that keeps on giving! Often you can get a year’s subscription for some companies for less than £100, so it makes an affordable wedding gift that can be a monthly treat.


unique wedding present ideas


Bloombox is a plant subscription that sends you a new plant plus ceramic pot every month or every 3 months. It’s the perfect way to brighten up your home and means you will always have a new addition to look forward to.


If keeping plants alive isn’t your strong suit take a look at Birchbox and Dollar Shave Club for couples beauty and skincare or Pasta Evangelists if you’re foodies.




Okay so as far as unique wedding present ideas go, this might seem a tad on the boring side. But if there is something you have always wanted but it’s never been the right time to buy it then you may as well add it to the list.


unique wedding present ideas


Think about something you might only buy a cheap version of for yourself and then look at the fancier version and add that to the list instead. Think big but not too big like a Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer or a Coffee Machine. These items are practical ways to improve your everyday life, but something you might not have treated yourself to if it weren’t your wedding.




Another practical but perfect gift. It’s not something anyone really enjoys spending money on, but it’s very useful, especially for a newlywed couple who are off on a honeymoon.


unique wedding present ideas


Get it personalised or matching, be as different as you want. It’s your luggage and you don’t want someone else picking it up off the conveyor! Take a look at things like these personalised leather bags from Etsy or if your guests budget is high go all out with something a high-end case from Samsonite.




This is the perfect excuse to have regular date nights. It means you are never without a plan and you can enjoy all the new releases together each month. Everyman has a yearly membership offer with cinemas across the UK that include sofas and the ability to order pizza from your seat, this is a no brainer!



unique wedding present ideas

unique wedding present ideas


Odeon also has a limitless package which allows you to watch unlimited films all year round, wherever you are. If you’re keener on reading rather than watching, take a look at Mr B’s book subscription and dive into a monthly book you can both enjoy.




This choice is a great gift for an outdoorsy couple and more importantly, won’t take up extensive kitchen space. It’s £120 a year for a duo membership which gets you access to over 500 locations and means you can make plenty of memories together.


unique wedding present ideas


You’ll have no more “What shall we do this weekend?” moments and when/if you decide to have children National Trust properties make great family days out.




Now we don’t mean ask for a cheap bottle of gin for your wedding gift, this is your chance to ask for something ‘fancy’. Think of a posh wine or champagne that will age well, that way you can pop the bottle open on your 20th anniversary and take a flick back through your wedding album.


shutterstock 210057223


Take a look at fine wines and spirits like these from Harvey Nichols for a special bottle or a limited edition to savour for a special occasion.


This is by no means extensive, and there are some unique wedding present ideas we will have missed off that you might have been pondering. While these might not have made the top 10 they are some good ones to consider should you be looking to bulk up your list:



The important thing is not to be scared of asking for what you want, pick a variety of prices to suit every guest’s budget and put plenty of items on there so that they have lots to chose from.


The gifts are something for you to enjoy long after the wedding is over so make sure they are special things you have really been pining for. 


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