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Garlic Storage Jar With Lid (Fully Dipped)


Garlic Storage Jar from the Rustic Pastel Collection of Spanish Ceramics.

This beautiful piece, hand-dipped in four soothing pastel hues, marries practicality with rustic charm.

Standing at an approximate height of 15cm, it’s the perfect size for your kitchen counter.

The lid of our garlic jar doesn’t include a rubber seal. This intentional design allows your fresh garlic to breathe, enhancing its shelf life and preserving its robust flavour.

– Part of the Rustic Pastel collection
– Crafted from premium Spanish ceramics
– Hand-dipped in 4 pastel shades
– Non-airtight lid, ideal for fresh garlic storage
– Approximate dimensions: 15cm (H)
– Beautiful, rustic design

Enjoy the rustic charm and practicality of this unique piece in your kitchen.

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Garlic Storage Jar with Lid from our Rustic Pastel Ceramics Collection is an elegant addition to your kitchen decor that combines function with artistic flair. This hand-dipped ceramic jar, available in four soothing pastel shades, is a delightful nod to traditional Spanish aesthetics.

Every jar is crafted with care and dipped by hand, resulting in a unique, rustic finish that brings a touch of Spanish countryside charm into your home. The soft pastel colours add a whisper of warmth and serenity, effortlessly complementing any kitchen interior.

With a height of approximately 15cm, this jar is the perfect size for storing fresh garlic. The lid of the jar is designed to be not airtight, allowing the garlic to breathe and maintaining its freshness. Please note that these jars do not include a rubber seal.

Embrace the aesthetic of simplicity and functionality with our Rustic Pastel Garlic Storage Jar and let its charm brighten your kitchen space.

– Part of the Rustic Pastel collection of Spanish ceramics.
– Hand-dipped for a unique, rustic finish.
– Available in four soothing pastel shades.
– Approximate dimensions: 15cm (H).
– Ideal for storing fresh garlic.
– Lid is not airtight and does not include a rubber seal, allowing garlic to breathe.
– Brings a touch of Spanish countryside charm into your home.
– Perfect blend of simplicity, functionality, and artistic flair.


Verano - Rustic Pastel

The Verano Rustic Pastel range of terracotta ceramics is produced in the province of Jaen, AndaluciÌa by a small artisan family business. A combination of hand made and moulded pieces, dipped in fresh heritage shades. With a choice of half dipped or fully dipped, each piece has a fully glazed interior. These beautiful rustic pieces sit perfectly in both contemporary and traditional homes. Microwave and dishwasher safe
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