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Selena Large Tagine


Discover the exquisite Selena Collection’s Large Ceramic Tagine, lovingly handcrafted in Southern Spain.

This stunning piece is individually hand-dipped in a jewelled glaze, exuding a vibrant charm that brings a splash of colour to your kitchen. With six beautiful colours to choose from, there’s a Selena tagine to perfectly complement your home décor.

Measuring a generous 27cm in diameter, this tagine is not just a pretty piece – it’s also a practical addition to your kitchenware.

Don’t worry about complex cleaning procedures either – this tagine is dishwasher safe.

Bring the authentic taste of Mediterranean cuisine to your home with the Selena Ceramic Tagine.

– Handcrafted in Southern Spain
– Part of the exclusive Selena Collection
– Hand-dipped in a jewelled glaze
– Available in six attractive colours
– Generously sized with a 27cm diameter
– Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
– Perfect for a variety of Mediterranean dishes.

Add some Spanish flair to your kitchen today!

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A stunning, large ceramic tagine, handcrafted with precision and passion in the sun-kissed terrains of southern Spain. This eye-catching culinary masterpiece is a direct infusion of Spanish tradition and contemporary design, sure to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Each Selena tagine has been meticulously hand-dipped in a jewelled glaze, showcasing a brilliant, vibrant finish that breathes life into the ceramic. The glaze not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides a smooth surface that’s easy to clean.

Have your pick from six astounding colours, each one more gorgeous than the last, there is a Selena Tagine to perfectly complement your home décor.

The tagine, with its sizable 27cm diameter, is an ideal vessel for whipping up large family meals. Its conical lid is designed to circulate heat and moisture, ensuring your food remains tender and flavourful. Despite its grandeur, the Selena tagine is dishwasher safe, providing a fuss-free clean-up after you’ve savoured your delicious meal.

Features of the Selena Ceramic Tagine:

– Handcrafted in southern Spain
– Dipped in a vibrant, jewelled glaze for a stunning finish
– Available in six gorgeous colours to match your décor
– Large size with a 27cm diameter, perfect for family meals
– Dishwasher safe for easy and convenient cleaning
– Traditional design that promotes heat and moisture circulation for flavourful cooking
– A part of the exquisite Selena Collection
– Ideal for both cooking and as a decorative kitchen showpiece.

Experience the blend of function and fashion with our Selena Ceramic Tagine. Elevate your cooking experience and enhance your kitchen décor. Order yours today!



You can use the tagine on virtually any heat source. On a wood fire, on the stove (with flame distributor), or on an electric/ceramic hob and in the oven. When used on a ceramic plate, avoid sliding to prevent scratching the surface. It is also important to avoid abrupt temperature variations and to only use the tagine on a heat source which has a diameter as large as or larger than the base of the tagine – this to avoid temperature differences within the tagine base, which could cause the base to break upon heating.



Verano - Selena

Verano - Selena. Produced in the Andalucia region of southern Spain, within the heart of a small family business. These luxurious hand-dipped, fully glazed ceramics create a warmth of heritage colours. Each piece of Selena is hand-dipped in a vibrant jewelled glaze, making each piece unique by design. Use for an exquisite dining experience or beautiful gifting. 6 colours available in each piece. Microwave and dishwasher safe.
Selena Ceramic Tableware


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