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Lemons – Small Plates


Lemons small plates from our exquisite Signature range of ceramics.

These charming plates are adorned with vibrant lemons and delicate green leaves, creating a delightful design motif that will bring a touch of Mediterranean charm to your table.

Each plate is meticulously hand-painted by a talented artist and signed for an added personal touch.

Crafted with care in Spain, these plates are made to last and will add a pop of colour to any dining experience.

With a diameter of 20cm, they are perfect for serving tapas, appetizers, or desserts.

Available as a set of 2 or a set of 4 plates.

Elevate your tableware collection with these beautiful Lemons small plates.

– Vibrant lemon and green leaf design
– Hand-painted and signed by the artist
– Made in Spain for exceptional craftsmanship
– Set of 2 or set of 4 plates
– 20cm diameter for versatile serving options
– Dishwasher & microwave safe

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Lemons – Small Plates

Lemons Small Plates from our exquisite Signature range of tableware. These ceramic plates are a true work of art, featuring a vibrant design motif of lemons and green leaves. Each plate is meticulously hand-painted by a skilled artist and is proudly signed to guarantee its authenticity. Crafted in Spain with the utmost attention to detail, these plates are made to impress.

Measuring 20cm in diameter, these small plates are perfect for serving appetizers, desserts, or tapas. The delightful lemon design adds a touch of freshness to any table setting, making them a standout addition to your dining experience.

Available in a set of 2 or a set of 4 plates.

Not only do these Lemons Small Plates offer exceptional aesthetics, but they also boast a range of features that make them both practical and durable. Here are some key highlights:

– Hand-painted by skilled artists for a unique and authentic touch
– Made in Spain, ensuring superior craftsmanship and quality
– Depicts a vibrant lemon and green leaf design motif for a refreshing look
– Measures 20cm in diameter, making it ideal for small bites and treats
– Available as a set of 2 or 4 plates
– Part of our Signature range of tableware, guaranteeing style and sophistication
– Dishwasher & microwave safe

Don’t miss out on elevating your dining experience with these Lemons Small Plates from our Signature range. Add a touch of elegance and a splash of citrusy charm to your table setting. Order now and let these hand-painted ceramic plates become the star of your next gathering.


Signature - Lemons

Signature - Lemons. The Signature range is produced by a small family run business located in the Almeria region of southern Spain. Over the generations, they have developed a very specific and stylish way of making their tabletop ceramics. The Signature piece is first dipped in a white base clay paint. The artist will draw the design by carving into the white coating and into the clay, leaving an indented imprint of the design. Individually signed by the artist, each piece is hand-painted with rich and contrasting colours, glazed and fired in the kiln. Many have tried to copy this process and failed. Microwave and dishwasher safe
Lemons Ceramic Tableware

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  1. Judith (verified owner)

    Beautiful ceramics to brighten up my home & great after sales care from Linda at Verano Ceramics

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