Rustic Robin Set Of 2 Everyday Cups


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Half hand dipped with Robin transfer

Set of 2

Size: 9.5cm Diam x 10cm H


Verano - Rustic Robin Range

Have you ever wondered why one of our best loved feathered friends is associated with Christmas in the UK? Postmen delivering Christmas cards in Victorian Britain were nicknamed €œRobins € because of their red-breasted coloured uniforms. The robin on Christmas cards came to represent the postmen who delivered our cards throughout the festive season. Our Verano Rustic Robin range is derived from the popular Verano Rustic Pastel range of Terracotta ceramics.   Like our feathered friend, these hand dipped terracotta ceramics are not only for the home at Christmas, they will look beautiful all year round
Verano - Rustic Robin Range