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XXLB SSChopping Board 90-95cm x 50-50cm

Chopping Board

Approx Size: 90-95cm L x 50-50cm W


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4-Part Snack Dish, , , ,

Selena 4-Part Snack Dish, a vibrant addition to our popular Spanish Ceramic Tableware collection.

Crafted with a flair for Spanish artistry, each dish is an explosion of colour, available in red, blue, green, lime green, orange, and yellow.

With a diameter of 25cm and a height of 5cm, the dish is perfect for hosting dinner parties or entertaining guests. The dish boasts four separate sections, keeping your variety of snacks and nibbles neatly separated.

This dish is also dishwasher safe, ensuring clean-up is a breeze. The Selena 4-Part Snack Dish will surely bring a pop of colour and a touch of Spanish sophistication to any gathering.

– Part of the Selena Collection
– Brightly coloured Spanish Ceramic Tableware
– Available in 6 vibrant colours: red, blue, green, lime green, orange, yellow
– 25cm diameter, 5cm height
– 4 separate sections for snack separation
– Perfect for entertaining and dinner parties
– Dishwasher safe.


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verano-selenasnack-tapas-dishes dishes serving-snack-tapas-dishes snack-dishes tapas-dishes
BUR VS28-RVase,

Introducing our Burbujas collection Spanish Ceramic Vase.

Standing at 28cm, it’s the epitome of elegance. Its light blue and white hue is captivating. A stunning centrepiece, it will surely enhance any space.

A timeless beauty from Spain, right to your doorstep.


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verano-burbujasvases-and-candle-holders vases-vases-and-candle-holders

Add a touch of Spanish charm to your dining experience with our Classic Spanish Jugs.

Hand-painted in Spain, these delightful jugs are available in four sizes and in seven vibrant colours and patterns each one inspired by the rich culture and breathtaking landscapes of Spain and designed to bring a burst of colour to your table, creating a lively and inviting atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in the essence of Spain as you pour refreshing beverages from a stunning jug from this collection. Their radiant hues and intricate designs transport you to the sun-drenched landscapes of the Mediterranean, infusing your home with warmth and cheerfulness.

Bring the warmth of the Spanish sunshine into your home and make mealtimes brighter with a charming Classic Spanish Ceramic Jug.

– Hand-painted in Spain
– Available in 4 sizes: 9cm (250ml), 13cm (500ml), 16cm (1L), and 22cm (2L)
– Available in 7 bright colours and patterns
– Adds a touch of Spanish charm to your dining experience
– Perfect for serving beverages or displaying flowers
– Creates a vibrant and lively atmosphere


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classic-spanishsale jugs
Bowls, , ,

Introducing the Classic Spanish Ceramic Bowls, where artistry and functionality collide.

Hand-painted in Spain and measuring 26cm in diameter, this bowl brings a touch of Mediterranean charm to your table.

Choose from various eye-catching colours and patterns. Each design is crafted to perfection, adding a burst of colour and personality to your meals.

Bring the warmth of the Spanish sunshine into your home with this charming ceramic bowl. Its lively hues and intricate patterns create a joyful atmosphere, making every meal a delightful experience.

– Hand-painted in Spain for an authentic touch
– Available in 3 sizes: 23cm, 26cm and 30cm diameter
– Available in various bright colours and patterns to suit any style
– Crafted with care to add charm and character to your table setting
– Enhance your dining experience with a touch of Spanish flair


Bring a taste of Spain into your home with the Classic Spanish Ceramic Shallow Bowl. Indulge in the beauty of hand-painted artistry while enjoying your favourite dishes. Order now and experience the joy of dining in style.


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classic-spanishfruit-bowls serving-bowls shallow-bowls bowls
Tapas Bowl Set,

Classic Spanish Ceramic Tapas Bowls, meticulously hand-painted in Spain to add a touch of authentic flair to your dining experience.

Available in sets of 6 mixed patterns, these bowls come in three sizes – 7cm, 9cm, and 12cm diameter, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your tapas spread.

Each set boasts a vibrant array of 6 bright colours and patterns, ensuring every meal is a feast for the eyes.

Bring the warmth of Spanish sunshine to your home with these authentic tapas bowls and infuse mealtimes with a burst of colour and style.

– Hand-painted in Spain for an authentic touch
– Available in sets of 6 mixed patterns
– Sizes: 7cm, 9cm, and 12cm diameter
– Vibrant array of 6 bright colours and patterns
– Adds a touch of classic Spanish charm to your dining experience.


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